Seneca, South Carolina, located in Oconee County, was founded as “The City of Opportunity” in 1874. Today, many of Seneca’s landmarks are registered in the National Register of Historic Places. This is a medium-sized city that is diverse in its population and opportunities.

Located along the foothills of The Blue Ridge Mountains, this area is home to a plethora of nature opportunities for the adventurous, and with its modern amenities, it is also a place for those interested in shopping, technology, the arts, and more.

Seneca is situated close to Lake Keowee, Lake Jocassee, and Lake Hartwell, and is within convenient distances to Atlanta, Clemson, and Greenville. Below we will go over some of the most popular neighborhoods within Seneca that offer unique real estate options.


Richland, located on the west side of Seneca, is (on average) one of the most expensive neighborhoods in South Carolina. This is home to sprawling properties and luxurious homes. At the same time, there is a diverse range of real estate options available in this suburban community. This area is known for its tranquility and above-average statistics when it comes to safety. Residents here cover a diverse range of ethnicities and age groups. It is truly a great representation of what living in Seneca is about.

Fairview & Flat Shoals

Fairview is a rural community with a home cost average slightly less than Richland. This area of Seneca primarily consists of homeowners residing in 3-5+ bedroom single-family homes. This area also has less age than some of the others in Seneca, with most homes being built between 1970 and today. Considered a mostly middle-upper income area, there is actually a wide range of real estate opportunities in Fairview that meet the needs of anyone looking for a great community to live in.


Newry is much like Fairview & Flat Shoals in regards to average home values and rental rates – though slightly less on average. It is a suburban neighborhood where over 12% of the population attends college. This puts Newry’s college student population higher than 90% of other U.S. cities. At the very same time, Newry is considered a great place to retire, ranked in the top 10% among all cities in the state. What this means for you is that this is a well-rounded community with something for everyone.

Fair Play

Fair Play is another great rural community in Seneca. This is a moderate-income community, on average, that offers a diverse range of housing options. Single-family homes, condos, lands, and apartments make up the area’s choices and cover a wide range of budget types.

Wells Hwy at S Radio Station Rd

The Wells Hwy at S Radio Station Rd area of Seneca offers a unique mix of living opportunities in its rural setting. The area offers single-family homes, apartments, and small studio-style homes. This is a diverse area with a workforce rooted in everything from sales and service to executive, management, and professional occupations.

Shiloh & Keowee

This part of Seneca is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters in a rural setting. During school, over 20% of the population are college students. Most residents are occupied in the executive, management, and professional job roles, and the next largest group is in the manufacturing and labor professions. This makes for a truly unique area that is home to opportunities that meet a wide range of needs.

City Center

City Center is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Seneca. Situated near downtown Seneca, City Center is home to both historic and modern locations. Local restaurants and boutiques mixed with unique recreational opportunities set this are apart from the rest.


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