If you’re looking to move to the Lake Keowee area you may have a list of questions in regards to the lake itself. We looked through the most common questions for the area and have answered them below.

Where is Lake Keowee?

Lake Keowee is located in South Carolins. It is predominately in Oconee County, but also extends into Pickens County.

How Big Is Lake Keowee?

Lake Keowee is 18,500 acres of water and 300-miles of shoreline. It is 26.1 miles long and 3 miles wide. It has an average depth of 53 feet, with a max. depth of 297 feet.

Where Are The Best Places To Fish On Lake Keowee?

This is a dynamic lake with several fishing opportunities, most can be visited in a single day if fishing by boat. Some specific locations include:

  • Jocassee Dam
  • Cedar Creek
  • “The Hot Hole” (The warm outflow from the Oconee Power Station)
  • Little River Dike
  • Webb Lake

Can You Swim In Lake Keowee?

Yes, swimming in Lake Keowee is permitted.

Does Lake Keowee Have Alligators?

Not all the time, but there can be seasonal spottings every few years.

Are You Allowed To Live On A Houseboat On Lake Keowee?

You may be able to inside of a marina slip. You should contact Duke Energy for better direction:1-800-443-5193

Can You Live On Lake Keowee?

Yes, and we have current listings for you to browse right here

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