While the area is popular with retirees, many families flock here as well due to low prices and easy access to popular local lakes. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider renting a home in Seneca, SC. 

Low Rental Rates

Whether you plan to rent for the summer or want a long-term rental, the prices in Seneca are hard to beat. The average monthly rent is an affordable $1,092. 

If you want a place right on the water, you will likely be looking at prices more like $2,000 and up per month. These prices are much lower than neighboring communities but still have the charm and access to fun excursions that draw people to the area.

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Low Maintenance Rentals

While many of the other nearby communities feature huge, luxurious homes, Seneca offers low maintenance living. 

There are many apartments to rent in Seneca, which is great for someone who is busy and does not want to be involved with keeping up a yard or spending all day cleaning. 

Single-family homes are also available for rent in Seneca. The homes in the area are usually more modest than those you may find Keowee Key, for example.  

Great Location

Seneca is a small town located within a reasonable distance from larger cities like Greenville. It is also close to Clemson University, which helps draw in restaurants and shopping to the area. You will also be close to the mountains for a place to take a day trip. 

Seneca has a nice, laid-back vibe to it. Even though it is a quiet area, you will never be without something to do in Seneca.

Lots of Fun Activities

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, Seneca is the place for you. There are plenty of areas to camp, water ski, boat, and hike. Two of the most popular areas to set up camp are South Cove County Park which is on Lake Keowee and Twin Lakes Park. While they are known for camping, you could still go for the day and splash around in the lake.

If camping isn’t your thing, you can also spend a morning hiking to Lower Whitewater Falls or King Creek Falls, followed up by lunch at one of the many local restaurants.  

Ready To Find a Place To Rent?

If you’re ready to find a rental, either a permanent rental or something for the summer, we are here to help. The agents at Bob Hill Realty are highly knowledgeable in the area and will make the rental process fast and easy for you. Homes and apartments have been renting out rather quickly, so give us a call as soon as possible to get started.

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