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We always talk about what homeowners should do to prepare for selling their homes. Things like how decluttering and home staging will lead to a faster sale with a higher price. But, what we don’t talk about too much is the things that turn buyers off from a home.

We’ve compiled a list of five things that scare buyers away to keep you one step ahead of the game.

1. An Overdone Theme

Having cohesive colors and a subtle decorative theme running throughout your home can be great. But, some homeowners take it to another level. Having an over-the-top theme in your home where every single inch is covered with photos, memorabilia, and knick-knacks can be a major turn-off.

Before you list your home for sale, try to limit the number of decorations related to your personal interests. Whether it’s sailing, fishing, or a farmhouse theme, keep it to a minimum so the buyers can envision their own belongings in the home.

2. Offensive Odors

This may seem obvious, but buyers do not like when a house smells like smoke or pets. What may be less obvious is buyers aren’t crazy about too much air freshener either. Having your house smell too perfumy will possibly give the buyers a headache and may even make them think you are trying to cover up something with the excessive home scents.

Scents that buyers never complain about are household cleaners and baked cookies, and both of those scents make the buyer feel comfortable. The scent of cleaning products can be a win–win since your house will be clean, and buyers love a clean house!

3. A Hot And Stuffy House

We get it. Keeping the air conditioner on all day is not ideal, but if your home is on the market and the weather is warm, you need to have the air on.

Buyers will expect to walk into a nice, cool home. Being hot and feeling stuffy will make them uncomfortable and make them not want to look around. It will also leave them with a bad taste in their mouth, and they’ll think negatively of your home and continue to look at the other homes for sale on Lake Hartwell.

4. Pets

While some buyers love pets and will want to stop and play with your dog, cat, and bird, the buyers who dislike pets really dislike them. You may be surprised to learn how many people are afraid of dogs and cats, and they will be uncomfortable the entire time they’re looking at your home.

Regardless of how well behaved your pets are, it is best to remove them from home for all showings. If that is simply not an option, you could put them in a crate so they will not be as much of a bother. If you go that route, it is best to leave a note warning the shoppers that a pet is inside so they will not be surprised.

5. You

Homebuyers do not like when the seller is home and watching them during a home showing. You will make the buyers will feel awkward, and they will try to leave as quickly as possible. Remove any valuables from the home if that is what you’re concerned about. But, whatever you do, do not lurk behind the buyers while they are trying to decide if they want to buy your house.

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