Located just 2 miles from Clemson, Lake Keowee offers the lake lifestyle most are looking for. Among its over 300 miles of shoreline and 18,000 acres there are numerous amenities and aspects one should consider when picking a home or home site. In this blog post, we will look at a few considerations.


Lake Keowee Lifestyle Choices

This area is all about “the lake life”, but amongst that title are subsets of amenities that you may wish to be closer to, depending on your needs or desires. You may own a boat and want to be directly on the lake with a dock and a slip, or you may be satisfied with a short walk to the lake and its swimming opportunities – alongside other outdoor activities. Retirees may want a dock with a couple of chairs for daily scenic views of the river, and golfers may want to be on or near a golf course. In Lake Keowee, these are all possibilities.


For The Adventurous

Those who love the outdoors and getting out to connect with it will find the Lake Keowee area suited to nearly any and all adventurous activities. These include kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing, trail running, and exploration.

For Families

Family’s will find easy access for outdoor activities for kids, but may also want to be near schools, shopping, and dining as a focus.

For Retirement

Whether it be golf, quiet days by the lake, or even just to enjoy the peace and quiet, Lake Keowee has areas well-suited for all of these needs.


Understanding Lake Keowee and Duke Energy

Lake Keowee is a man-made reservoir that was built for the needs of Duke Energy. In this, Duke Energy has a permit process for the construction of things that may affect the lake- such as a dock. This is important to consider when looking at a lake property where an addition such as this is envisioned.


A Note About Keowee Key

Keowee Key is a community development that centers around lake living and retirement. We have more information available here.


When To Shop For Lake Keowee Real Estate

Lake Keowee is highly active in the summer months. Many homes here are summer vacation homes. In this, those who wish to sell will usually time this around this vacation timeframe. Namely in the Fall through Spring one will find the most available real estate options for sale in the area. Though, there is usually a wide selection of properties available at any time of year.


Lake Keowee Available Properties

We have active listings for homes and home sites that are currently available in Lake Keowee. These can be explored here.


The Lake Keowee Real Estate Agents Here at Bob Hill Realty

Finding an agent that represents you should be the first step in real estate shopping in the Lake Keowee area. The realtors here at Bob Hill Realty have a long-standing history with both the sale and purchase of homes in the Lake Keowee area and can offer you professionalism and insights during your home (or homesite) buying journey. If you have any questions, want to see what is available now, or start planning for a future purchase – we have staff ready to handle your needs. Please contact us to gets started.


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